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construction worker installs the gutter system on the roof

Secure Water Flow Away From Your Property

Gutter systems are important to have implemented on your property in order to streamline the flow of rainwater away from your roof, siding, and landscaping. Gutter systems will protect the condition of your property from repairs and replacements by avoiding the damages that arise with improper regulation of water flow. Avoid shifting foundations and leaks with a gutter installation in Plymouth, MN. T & J Construction provides a number of material selections to choose from with profiles, sizing, and more customized to fit your property. Call us at 612-249-8522 today to get started.

Material, Shape, & Other Gutter Options

There are a number of material options to choose from: aluminum, copper, steel, vinyl, and more. Metal gutters are often selected as they are regarded as the strongest gutter systems and can withstand damage from a variety of weather conditions. Steel, in particular, can handle wind-strewn debris, falling branches, ice, snow, hail, and leaning ladders. Ultimately, each type of gutter material will have particular advantages that can be more of a draw than others depending on the climate that you live in and your maintenance practices.

Seamless gutters are also available in order to avoid the concern of loosened connections and premature issues that come with gutters that have seams. Seamless gutters are stronger and more reliable than sectional gutters as they are one piece of gutter material that will provide added rigidity and strength. This will also substantially reduce the chances of leaks.

Ultimately, there are a number of profile and shape options to choose from that can alter the speed of water flow down your gutter lines. The most selected shapes tend to be K-style, half-round, and square/box gutters, yet there can be other shapes that are more suited to your needs.

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Gutter Repair & Gutter Replacement

It’s important to clean your gutters twice a year in early to mid-fall after leaves fall and in the early spring after winter storms. Ideally, whenever you see clogged gutters you should remove debris so you may also clear them out on an as-needed basis. Keep in mind that improperly fitted, connected, or angled gutters will cause a variety of issues down the line. That’s why any initial installation or replacement should be done by a trained and certified roofer. They will best be able to match systems in accordance with property specifications and needs.

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