Solar Panels

A beautiful two-story home with solar panels installed on the roof.

Embrace the Power of the Sun with T & J Construction: Your Solar Solution

Welcome to T & J Construction, where innovation meets sustainability. Transform your home with our solar solutions and harness the power of the sun to create a greener and more energy-efficient living space. Discover how T & J Construction can guide you on the path to sustainable living while enhancing the beauty and value of your home. Call 612-249-8522 to learn more.


Why Choose Solar?

  • Sustainable Energy for a Sustainable Future
    • In a world moving towards eco-conscious living, solar power stands out as a key player. By choosing solar, you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment. Solar energy is a renewable resource that minimizes dependence on traditional power sources, making it a smart choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.
  • Financial Benefits
    • Investing in solar power is not just about saving the planet; it’s also a wise financial decision. Enjoy reduced electricity bills, potential tax incentives, and, in many cases, earn money by selling excess energy back to the grid. T & J Construction ensures that your solar investment pays off, providing long-term savings for you and your family.

Our Solar Solutions

  • Customized Solar Installations
    • At T & J Construction, we understand that every home is unique. Our team of experts tailors solar solutions to fit your specific needs and preferences. From rooftop installations to ground-mounted arrays, we bring a personalized touch to harnessing solar power for your home.
    • Additionally, if your home requires a new roof, T & J Construction can seamlessly integrate solar installations into the roofing process, ensuring both your roof and solar panels are expertly installed for optimal performance and longevity.
    • High-Quality Solar Panels
      • We partner with leading manufacturers to provide you with top-of-the-line solar panels. Our panels are not only efficient in converting sunlight into energy but also durable, ensuring a long lifespan and optimal performance. Trust T & J Construction to deliver quality that stands the test of time.
    • Seamless Integration with Your Home Exterior
      • Worried about the aesthetic impact of solar installations? Our design team ensures seamless integration, enhancing the visual appeal of your home. We believe in combining functionality with beauty, and our solar solutions are a testament to that commitment. That is why we partnered with Starling. Starling is the world’s first roofing for solar company that is specifically designed and engineered for commodity solar modules. Seamlessly integrating your new roof with solar.

    Are Solar Panels a Smart Investment in Minnesota?

    • With over 5 million residents, Minnesota, the 12th largest state, ranks 15th nationally in solar adoption. The state powers 222,578 homes with solar energy, constituting 3.52% of its electricity. With a remarkable 50% price decline in solar panels over the last 10 years, Minnesota, enjoying on average 200 days of sunshine yearly, provides a prime opportunity for solar investment. Beyond its natural beauty and cultural hubs, investing in solar panels in Minnesota aligns with both financial and environmental goals, offering savings and contributing to a cleaner, greener environment. (Data Source)

    Advantages of Solar Panels in Minnesota

    • Financial Incentives
      • Minnesota offers various financial incentives to encourage solar adoption. Take advantage of state and federal tax credits, rebates, and other programs that make installing solar panels more affordable. These incentives not only offset initial costs but also contribute to long-term savings.
    • Energy Independence
      • Reduce reliance on traditional energy sources and achieve greater energy independence with solar panels. As a homeowner in Minnesota, you have the opportunity to generate your own clean energy, providing a sense of control over your power consumption and costs.


    Minnesota residents stand to save thousands over a 25-year span, contingent upon the size of their solar system and their existing home energy consumption.

    To kick start the process, our team will dispatch our solar expert to your residence for a comprehensive review of your utility bills. Our analysts will meticulously assess your bills and examine the condition of your roof to ascertain whether you qualify for optimal solar savings. If not, rest assured, we won’t prolong your time with unnecessary steps. Your satisfaction and efficiency are our top priorities.

    What premium solar equipment does T&J use?

    T & J Construction is committed to providing our customers with an unparalleled solar experience, and that commitment is reflected in our unwavering dedication to top-tier quality. Our solar arrays are constructed using premium, black, monocrystalline silicon solar panels, exclusively sourced from Starling Solar Panels, for which T & J Construction is the exclusive partner in Minnesota. Paired with cutting-edge Enphase microinverters, we ensure that our customers receive the highest standard of solar technology available.

    Two roofers are pulling and adjusting a solar panel on top of a roof system.

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